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Building and investing in tomorrow’s start-ups
Eg Fausbøll & Co. build and invest in tomorrow’s start-ups, that truly meets people or business needs or desire. We assists with capital, resources or knowledge - or even start up ourself, if we have the super cool idea.

Creating the right culture

We provide consultant services, focusing on creating the right culture to fulfill companies strategies, combined with peak performance management.


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  Tomorrow's payment-on-time platform for small business
Paypany is tomorrow's payment-on-time platform for small businesses, which ensures that customers pay their invoices - and that they do it on time .

The solution also documents the entire order and payment process. This means that both parties are better off, if a dispute arises .

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  Seedster Bootcamp
  Marbella, 2016
Eg Fausbøll & Co. attends Seedster Bootcamp in Marbella this october together with 99 other start-ups. Seedster Bootcamp is 7 days networking and speaks with some of denmark’s most experienced entrepreneurs like Jesper Buch (Just-eat), Tommy Ahlers (Løvens hule), Morten Larsen (Hungry.dk) Morten Wagner (Dating.dk) and more

> Seedster.dk



  Kunst for alle

Eg Fausbøll & Co. just launched Kunst for alle's new website including a mobile version, a catalog and a customized CMS. Kunst for alle is denmark's largest fair for artists, and is held in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Aalborg every year.

> kunstforalle.dk
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  Eg Fausbøll & Co. create new website for Kunst for Alle
Eg Fausbøll & Co. primarily build and invest in tomorrow’s start-ups, but we are also in the game for helping friends and cool companies. We just agreed to build Kunst for Alle's new website, which is planned to launch in June. As a new feature, which is part of the new strategy to create more value for the artists, is to build a subsite for each artist that promote their work.
  Michael speaks at Network Denmark about how to motivate people today
Michael visited Network Denmark in Skanderborg, and spoke about how to motivate people in today’s modern companies. Michael's approach builds on his many years of experience as a leader in some of denmark’s biggest and most innovative companies. He believes that you need a purpose (why do you do, what you do). You need to take massive (small) actions. Have the skills. And most of all believe in yourself.
  Eg Fausbøll & Co. invest in Paypany.com
Eg Fausbøll & Co. invest in tomorrow’s payment-on-time platform for small business. Many small companies struggle with getting their payment on time. Paypany.com’s platform ensures that customers pay their invoices - and that they do it on time . The solution also documents the entire order and payment process. This means that both parties are better off, if a dispute arises. Paypany.com is planned to launch later this year..

Michael Eg Fausbøll
Founder and entrepreneur

  • Started his first company at the age of 14 (e-learning software to primary schools)

  • CEO and founder of denmark’s second-first ad-funded free postcards company,
    distributed to cafe’s in 25 cities around the country (concept known in denmark as GO-cards)

  • CEO and founder of internet company which developed solutions for Danske Bank, ATP, RAMBØLL, Ejendomsforeningen Danmark and more
  • +20 years leadership experiences from some of Denmark’s largest and most innovative companies (Falck, Den Blå Avis, LINDBERG, Jyllands Posten, TDC and CGI Denmark)
  • Founder and the brain behind The Idea Factory (Idefabrikken, Den Blå Avis), which developed new ideas to products and services within Den Blå Avis, and potentially new companies

  • Founder of denmark’s first sharing economy website. Lej-eller-laan.dk was developed from 2005-2007, and launched in 2007

  • Speaker (on peak performance, motivation and change of culture)



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